Adler's Professional Coaching Certificate Program is designated by the International Coach
Federation (ICF)
as an Accredited Coach Training Program.

The Adler Certification Program is the program of choice for individuals, coaches, HR professionals, OD consultants, trainers and leaders in organizations that take their coaching roles seriously. It is ideal for the committed learner interested in any of the following benefits:

  • attaining an internationally recognized accreditation
  • learning the very latest coaching concepts, principles and tools
  • mastering a higher level of coaching resourcefulness and people/team development skills

Upon successful completion of the Practicum, students are distinguished as an Adler Trained Coach (ATC). Upon graduation (after passing the exam) students are awarded the credential Adler Certified Professional Coach (ACPC). Graduating as an ACPC satisfies training requirements for ICF's entry level credential (ACC - Associate Certified Coach).

Our Foundations module is “Risk Free”! - If you feel you are not able to use any of the skills you acquire in our Foundations module, and coaching is not for you, then we will refund your tuition. To be eligible, you must submit a written withdrawal form to the Registrar within seven days of completing the Foundations Module.


Foundations of Professional Coaching

Assignment # 1: Coach as a Reflective Practitioner
(Due the first day of Part 2)

Assignment # 2: Plan for developing yourself as a Coach (Due on the first day of Part 2)

Assignment # 3: Your vision for yourself as a coach. This assignment is ongoing until you have your final submission at Practicum. (Due at the end of Practicum)

Reflection activity on the nature of work. (Due on the first day of Part 2)

Complete VIA Strengths Assessment (Due on the first day of Part 2)

Introduces the foundational concepts, models and processes associated with the Adler approach to professional coaching, anchoring students strongly in the coaching mindset.

5 Classroom Days

32 hours


Completion of two
Foundations Teleclasses

3 Assignments for independent work


The Coaching Conversation in the Context of Work


Add to your Assignment # 3: Your vision for yourself as a coach (Due at the end of Practicum)

Assignment # 4: Ethics.
Example: Conflicts of Interest
This is team assignment. (Due prior to Part 3)

Assignment # 5: Reflecting on the Concepts and Principles from Part 2 (Due prior to Part 3)

Applying coachingskills and tools in the context of systems and how the coach supports people in their work and their lives. Expanding coaching skills, tools & techniques

5 Classroom Days

32 hours


Access to 12 Skill Based & 10 Content Based Teleclasses


1 Assignments for independent work


The Moving Toward Artful Coaching


Add to your Assignment # 3: Your vision for yourself as a coach (Due at the end of Practicum)


Focuses on integrating learning, enhancing and deepening the ability to coach artfully and creatively.

5 Classroom Days

32 hours


Access to 12 Skill Based & 10 Content Based Teleclasses




Access to Practice Coaching Teleclasses Monthly

Access to all Teleclasses

Mentor Group (7 hours of mentor Coaching)

Option to participate on our Adler Coaching Services Program

Practicum is designed to provide students with an opportunity to consolidate and deepen the learning from Weeks 1, 2 and 3, relate the learning to ongoing practical application, and strengthen the foundation for continued learning beyond the program.

The Practicum combines a wide variety of learning experiences. These include:

  • practical application of coaching principles and skills
  • personal reflection
  • peer mentoring and feedback
  • mentoring and feedback from experienced mentor coaches
  • being coached
  • experience the coaching process from a client’s perspective

Practicum typically takes a minimum of eight months to complete.

Virtual Format                          Face to Face Format

12:00-1:30                                 1:00-5:00

15 Labs (bi-weekly)                    6 labs ( once a month)


Certification Exam Process

To be eligible, you must have completed a minimum of 100 hours of coaching

Written examination
Oral Examination and Recorded Coaching Session Sample

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