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What is unique about the ADLER School of Professional Coaching?

With locations around the world, ADLER offers a globally respected, in-depth coach training program and model that can be applied to virtually any coaching situation. We prepare our coaches to use depth of knowledge and best practices in coaching, while finding their own unique style and voice as a coach.

ADLER takes the lead in providing coach training that is grounded in theory, informed by research, and is at the forefront of defining professionalism in coaching.  At ADLER we believe that a combination of six criteria makes our Coach Training Programs unique and effective: depth, breadth, applied learning, experiencing your own coaching, in-person contact, and quality of trainers and mentors.

We are committed to high quality training. Our faculty of top coaches draws on extensive experience with coaching and coach training to create a solid foundation for this fast growing profession, as well as to provide rich experiential learning in proven coaching techniques, making us a leader in the field of coach training.

What is Coaching?

The ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex workplace environment.


At ADLER, we see coaching as a profession that distinguishes itself by helping people discover how to bring their choices and actions more inline with their unique “best self” This in turn helps them to connect more creatively with a deeper human desire to make contributions for the betterment of society. Our hope and intention is to train coaches who also see their work as a creative response to this noble challenge.

Our Faculty

ADLER coaching faculty are ICF accredited, practicing professional coaches. They draw on their experiences with both coaching and training to develop sound foundations for this fast-growing profession to provide up-to-date practical techniques. Our faculty are part of what makes the coaching program at ADLER a true leader in the realm of coach training.


  • Jane Kidner"Outstanding value. This course far exceeded my expectations. It was incredibly rich in content and extremely well taught. No matter what I do next, this course has forever changed how I will approach coaching relationships for the better.

    Jane Kidner
  • Heather Haigh "Upon reflection, the depth and breadth of the Adler coaching program is astounding. I feel so well positioned for Practicum and I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in coaching or who has coaching within their role at an organization.

    Heather Haigh
  • Judi Argue"First I need to share with you how amazing the experience has been with Adler and my coaching foundations course. The course design and delivery are fantastic and Robin is spectacular!

    Judi Argue