Coaching Courses

Our courses can be taken as a part of a coach training package (at a considerable savings) or as individually.  All of our training programs begin with our risk free* Foundations of Professional Coaching course.

Foundations of Professional Coaching

30 + 2 Training Hours - $1895+HST The Foundations of Professional Coaching offers a rigorous grounding in the ADLER coaching model via an interactive, stimulating environment of hands-on experience. The course introduces the foundational concepts, models and processes associated with the ADLER approach, and anchors students in the coaching mindset while practicing the core competencies of professional coaching. Skills learned in this course serve as an integrative foundation throughout training for certification. In addition, students are introduced to intentional change theory – why and how sustainable desired change can occur at all levels of human and social interaction. Role-play, peer coaching, and experiential exercises underline the importance of awareness of self and others required to develop strong coach-client relationships for sustainable change.

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Core Competencies of Professional Coaching

30 Training Hours - $2095+HST Building on the concepts, models and processes learned in the initial Foundations, this module takes participants to a deeper understanding of the coaching process and strengthens their knowledge and application of the ICF competencies. This module is about choice and trust, specifically the notion of self-responsibility embedded in choice, and the paramount importance that trust plays in being able to bring about change and to be at our best – both as a coach and for the client.

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Coaching in the Context of Work

30 Training Hours - $1895+HST This course explores the individual in the context of systems, and how coaching supports people in their work and lives. This course substantially expands the students coaching skills, while also providing a deeper understanding of the impact of the workplace in people’s lives as well as the impact of coaching in the workplace. The added tools and practices included enhance proficiency in use of the core coaching competencies applied in the work environment.

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Moving Towards Artful Coaching

30 training hours $1895+HST This course focuses on integrating learning - enhancing and deepening the ability to coach artfully and creatively. It provides exposure to and experience with a range of tools and processes to deepen coaching effectiveness. Students will be coaching through the lens of leadership, an integrative theme for many coaching engagements (in both life and work). This course includes experience in metaphor as a tool for exploration and transformation, creativity and its many expressions for both coach and client, leadership and its role in coaching, as well as intuition and its use in coaching to develop personal and professional growth.

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Mentor Coaching

10 hours $999+HST The ADLER Mentor Coaching program is designed to provide participants support and feedback, further developing and enhancing their coaching presence as well as coaching skills using ICF core competencies. This program includes 10 hours of Mentor Coaching as required for ICF accreditation. Seven hours are via small group webinar and three via one to one calls with experienced Mentor Coaches from the ADLER faculty (accredited by ICF at a minimum PCC level). The program includes demos, exercises and peer coaching. Group size varies from a minimum of six to a maximum of ten participants.

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Practicum (face to face or virtual)

48 training hours - includes 7 hours group mentor coaching $4050+HST The Practicum is designed to provide students with an opportunity to consolidate and deepen the learning from Foundations, Coaching in the Context of Work, and Moving Towards Artful Coaching. The Practicum consists of 48 hours of instruction within a 6-month period, meeting as a group once per month.

The practicum combines a wide variety of learning experiences, including:
 practical application of coaching principles and skills through coaching
 personal reflection on the coaching experience
 peer and supervisor mentoring and feedback
 experience of the coaching process from a client’s perspective

During the Practicum, students become active coaching practitioners, receiving feedback on their coaching through supervision from faculty, and sharing their learning through case studies and labs.

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Certification Exam

$500+HST The Certification Exam consists of both a written and an oral component. Candidates for the exam must have successfully completed a Practicum and have logged a minimum of 100 hours of coaching experience before sitting for the exam.