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Post-Pandemic Leadership

For a New Frontier of Corporate Productivity

Not for individual sale. For training inquiries for workplaces, please contact the Dean of Continuing Education, Ms. Beatrice Traub-Werner, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Format: Hybrid (i.e., a combination of synchronous and asynchronous content delivery)
Cost: by Inquiry
Training Hours: Customized to Group

Highlights of this Program: 

  • Post-Pandemic Leadership is a training program offering à la carte options for groups of leaders and workplaces 
  • Training includes large keynote coaching talks and/or small group coaching sessions, known as the “engagement challenges”
  • Leaders will benefit from gaining deeper insights into the drivers of workplace stress and disengagement, understanding the leadership mindsets and actions needed to promote psychological health at work, gaining practical knowledge and obtaining tools to help with management tasks
  • Organizations will benefit from learning how trauma impacts the workplace after the pandemic, how to approach leadership challenges given this reality, and how to create a shared vision allowing leaders to meet the obstacles encountered by the post-pandemic workforce 

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Course Overview and Outline

The world-wide pandemic has changed the game on productivity. Teams are experiencing less engaging interactions with colleagues, and workflows can be both siloed and clunky. Add on an overlay of fear, uncertainty, and trauma caused by the pandemic, and it is no wonder that leaders are perplexed on how to lead effectively in these times. 

Knowing how to support the psychological health of employees will be key to driving productivity on all fronts. It is vital for leadership to dig in and increase their awareness, knowledge, and skills in people leadership at this time. While leaders are not trained as mental health professionals, they will find themselves wading into unfamiliar waters: the mental wellbeing of their team. 

The Post-Pandemic Leadership program is a coaching program for organizations that equips leaders and their teams to adapt and thrive in the post-pandemic environment. It does this through a training program that is set squarely at the intersection of what most workplaces find daunting at this unique time: that of productivity and mental health. Large coaching talks are used to address the incredible potential for workplaces in the post-pandemic landscape. To go deeper, leaders will continue learning through Leadership Circles, addressing specific engagement challenges and learning how to use practical tools for teams to succeed. The program will help organizations strengthen their capabilities to navigate key challenges, such as: 

  • Managing business disruption and change effectively 
  • Reinvigorating productivity and performance e
  • Diminished workforce capacity due to mental decline
  • Employee disengagement and retention of talent
  • Overcoming the barriers to collaboration

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Eligibility and Certification

This program is available as training for organizations only. It will not qualify participants to work as mental health professionals.

Students are required to participate in all classroom activities. Those who successfully attend each session and complete the required coursework will receive a Certificate of Completion. 

Getting Started

Once payment is received, students will receive a license key and can begin their studies. Please note that all of our online courses have a set amount of time for you to complete your coursework. Your window begins upon receipt of your license key, that is, upon receiving an email instructing you how to access your course. To ensure that you are given sufficient time to complete all of the material, please purchase your course no sooner than 2-5 business days prior to the date that you intend to begin studying, as this is how long it takes for the license key to be generated from the time you make your purchase. Your countdown will begin upon receipt of the license key, and not upon your using that key to access the course. We uphold a policy that we do not extend or re-open the software to you once your period of learning is up. Plan accordingly: if you will be away, you must catch up on your work.

Course content is varied and made up of lectures, viewings, demonstrations, supplemental readings, and professional/reflective exercises. This is a hybrid course, meaning that some content will be delivered asynchronously online, while other content will be delivered synchronously either via Zoom, or in-person (COVID regulations permitting). In person delivery is held at 890 Yonge St. in Toronto, Canada.

Who is the contact person for this program?

Students may contact a representative from our Faculty of Continuing Education at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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