COVID-19 Pandemic Response Policy

COVID-19 Pandemic Response Policy

Updated December 4, 2020

ADLER's Commitment

ADLER is committed to following public health guidelines and prioritizes the safety of students, staff, faculty and the community. We encourage everyone to stay informed and follow public health advice.

  • For the Summer 2020 (May-August), Fall 2020 (September-December) and Winter 2021 (January-May), ADLER will offer its programs virtually through zoom videoconference, with limited exceptions (see below). ADLER will continue to monitor public health guidelines for upcoming trimesters.
  • ADLER will provide regular updates to staff, students and faculty regarding its COVID-19 protocols, through its Learning Management System ADLearn and 
  • ADLER will not permit any in-person teaching or instruction, unless it meets the following exceptions:
    • The subject matter of the teaching or instruction requires it to be taught in person, such as clinical training. 
    • The total number of students onsite cannot exceed 10. Classroom space will be designed to enable students to maintain a distance of 2 meters from any other person. 
  • ADLER will make alternative arrangements for staff, students and faculty who are not able or are not comfortable coming into the school. The decision to come into the school is entirely at the discretion of the individual.
  • ADLER will provide masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes / spray throughout the school.
  • ADLER will arrange furniture and place markers around the school to ensure physical distancing of 2 meters between any two people. Some areas with many high-touch surfaces may be unavailable for use, such as the kitchen.
  • ADLER will display appropriate signage to model and promote protective practices, such as hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, mask usage, and disinfecting high-touch surfaces. 
  • ADLER will keep contact tracing records. If anyone who came into the school tests positive for COVID-19, public health will notify ADLER and we will immediately inform anyone who may have been a contact. This process is anonymous; ADLER will not disclose anyone’s personal health information.

For Faculty and Students

Before coming in to the school:

  • The decision to go into the school is at the discretion of the individual. Consider your health, travel method, who you are in contact with, and your own comfort level. No one will be required to go into the school unless they are comfortable doing so. Discuss alternative arrangements with your dean, director, or program manager if you are not able to come into the school or if you develop symptoms. If you require accommodations for going into the school, contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, do not go into the school. (See Symptoms of COVID-19 and COVID-19 Self-Assessment tool.)
  • If you have travelled outside of Canada, you must self-isolate for 14 days.
  • You are encouraged to download Canada’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing App. This is a secure app which notifies you if you’ve been near someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days. This app does not have access to your name, location, contacts or personal health information.

When onsite:

    • Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer, avoid touching your face, and cough/sneeze into your shoulder. Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the space.
    • Wear a mask / face covering when entering the building, on the elevator, or moving around the school. (Unless you are unable to for medical reasons.)
    • Maintain physical distancing, staying at least two metres away from others. Avoid greetings such as handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, and hugs.
    • Only two people are allowed on the elevator at once.
    • Follow spacing guidelines in classrooms. Tables and chairs will be arranged to maintain physical distancing. Do not move any furniture. 
    • Follow the arrows on the ground directing movement, especially around high traffic areas such as the women’s washroom and near the elevators.
    • Keep doors open to avoid multiple people handling doorknobs. 
    • Wipe down surfaces before and after use. Sanitizing wipes / spray will be available throughout the office. If your box is out of wipes / the spray bottle is empty, notify the front desk.
    • No food or beverages will be provided. Fridges will not be accessible for food storage.
  • Anyone not following the above policies will be asked to leave the school for everyone’s safety. 

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms while at the school:

  • Here are links to determine if you are having COVID-19 symptoms: Symptoms of COVID-19 and COVID-19 Self-Assessment tool
  • Notify Student Services or a staff member as soon as you can. Let them know if you need a private space to recover before leaving or to wait for a vehicle to take you home. They will help you find an unoccupied classroom or office.
  • Avoid taking public transportation if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • ADLER may notify the public health authority but will not share your name or any identifying information about you.
  • A list of Toronto’s Health Services will be kept by student services and be available on ADLER’s Learning Management System, ADLearn. 
  • Anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 will be asked to provide a negative test before returning to the school. 
  • Any contacts affected by an individual testing positive will not be permitted to attend any classes in person until they provide a negative test. The school will provide a virtual format for classes to ensure students are able to continue with their education.