Free Webinar - The Many Hearts of ADLER
Wednesday 14 October 2020, 12:00pm - 01:30pm
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Upcoming Webinars

Anna Kroetsch from the Julien Project on “Introduction to Horticultural Therapy” 

When: Wednesday, October 14, from 12pm - 1:30pm ET

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This webinar will teach participants to incorporate some practical elements of horticultural therapy programs into their practice and daily lives. Participants will learn about the theories, goals, and objectives of horticultural therapy as a profession, and the positive outcomes that can be observed. Horticultural Therapy as a technique to cultivate resilience in those who are suffering from anxiety, homelessness, joblessness, trauma and concurrent issues will be discussed. Participants will gain a greater understanding of horticultural therapy program design and how to use permaculture principals to inform your decision making strategy within your organization.

Attendance Certificates

These sessions are free and open to everyone. If you require a psychotherapy certificate of attendance, you can request one after the session and there is a $20 CAD fee. Attendance will be verified through zoom and you must attend the full 90 minutes to receive a certificate. *Note: this session does NOT qualify as continuing education for the International Coach Federation.*

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If you’re interested in attending future Many Hearts webinars, fill out this poll to let us know what time(s) you prefer! We’ll do our best to schedule sessions based on the results. Sessions will be 90 minutes long and scheduled ad hoc.

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