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Trauma Psychotherapy

This certificate program may be taken as continuing professional education in Modality-Specific competencies for health professionals who are allowed to perform the act of psychotherapy (psychotherapists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, social worker, or occupational therapists) or for credit as electives as part of the Master of Psychology (MPsy) program.

ADLER Trauma Psychotherapy as a concept is based on extensive research that connects the experience of traumatic stress with common mental and physical problems including anxiety, depression, addictions, self-harming behaviours, personality disorders, interpersonal and family dysfunction, as well as a multitude of somatic symptoms. The program is designed for those who wish to specialize in Trauma Psychotherapy, or to add it to other treatment modalities. Courses and requirements are reviewed and updated annually to fulfill the modality-specific requirements of the CRPO.

Alfred Adler’s emphasis on social context is the link between trauma psychotherapy and the Adlerian tradition. Trauma psychotherapy strives to interpret and reframe the individual’s response to overwhelming situations, transforming maladaptive coping strategies into socially beneficial ones. The significance of this perspective, the flexible use of techniques from various psychotherapies, and the applicability to individual, couple, and family psychotherapy continue to drive evolution in this leading-edge field.


NT-513 Safe and Effective Use of Self (2 credits) 

AT-681 Introduction to Trauma Informed Psychotherapy (1 credit)

AT-685  Building on Trauma Informed Psychotherapy (1 credit)

AT-687  Modalities of Trauma Psychotherapy (1 credit)

IP-524 The Social Dimension of Psychotherapy (1credit)

AT-682 Inter-Generational Trauma (1 credit)

AT-683 Introduction to Working with Couples (1 credit)

AT-684 Building Skills in Couple Therapy (1 credit)

NT-651, 300 hours Practicum*

(Supervision by ADLER faculty qualified trauma psychotherapist)

IP-660 Practicum Seminar with the ADLER Dean of Psychotherapy

(2 credits each trimester)

** Adlerian Psychotherapy courses will no longer be accepted as credits towards the trauma Psychotherapy Certificate.

*Note: MPsy students who wish to register as psychotherapists and meet other competency criteria but lack the 450 total hours of direct client contact and 100 hours of clinical supervision required for registration as a Registered Psychotherapist with CRPO can apply for “Qualifying” status while they complete their client contact and/or supervision hours. Consult for details.