ADLER Grads 2018

Master of Psychology

ADLER’s Master of Psychology degree* prepares students for registration as a Psychological Associate with the Ontario College of Psychologists in clinical and counselling practice areas. The MPsy degree provides students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary in preparing them to offer psychological services in a variety of diagnostic, therapeutic, and assessment settings.

Unique to the ADLER Master of Psychology degree, applicants whose undergraduate degree is not a four-year honours in psychology may utilize our Transitional Equivalency Program to qualify for full admission to the MPsy degree program.

Schedule flexibility is a key differentiator of the Master in Psychology degree offered by ADLER. Unlike other graduate schools, our courses are offered on weekends (full-day Saturday & Sunday throughout the year) and starting Fall 2020, a weekday option will also be available, accommodating traditional students and working professionals looking for a graduate degree in psychology. ADLER students have the option to complete their MPsy degree in two to five years, taking courses full or part-time.

Map of MPsy Courses

All applicants are required to complete GP-100 Thriving in Graduate School at no charge.

Acceptance into graduate school, especially for students who have been away from post-secondary education for a number of years, presents unique challenges. From rekindling core academic skills and navigating online journal databases to writing graduate-level research papers linking psychological theory, research and application, returning to graduate school can prove to be daunting. Nor is it easy to adopt the standpoint and practices of a truly reflective adult learner (and eventually practitioner) as well as balance the ongoing myriad of everyday life demands. Thriving in Graduate School intends to introduce new students to a variety of strategies, skills and resources that will facilitate their transition to and success in graduate studies at ADLER and beyond.

GP-100 is a non-credit course required for all applicants seeking admission to any ADLER graduate degree or postgraduate certificate program and optional for any student registered in any non-degree/non-postgraduate program.

Admission to the M.Psy program at ADLER is the responsibility of the Program Admissions Committee. The Academic Director of Admissions reviews all submitted applications and bases their recommendation to the Admissions Committee for any given applicant on their fulfillment of the academic requirements, the nature and quality of the Statement of Intent and references, the interview, and the Altus Casper assessment score.

No single factor will determine admissibility; rather, it is the collective judgment of the Committee as to the likelihood of the applicant’s success in the program. Additionally, a recommendation for admission will be governed by their assessment of the candidate’s potential to apply their acquired knowledge and experiences in workplaces and organizations. ADLER reserves the right to grant or deny admission to any applicant at its sole discretion.

Applicants for the MPsy degree with ADLER are required to possess the following:

    1. 4-year undergraduate degree with a 3.0 cumulative GPA (on a 4-point scale) or better
      1. Transcripts must be submitted directly from the university to ADLER, either by mail – Attention Admissions or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
      2. International transcripts must be submitted to the World Educational Service(WES)
      3. For Canadian equivalency
    2. Successful completion of ADLER’s required and free GP-100 Thriving in Graduate School
    3. English language proficiency, demonstrated by either:
      1. English being the applicant’s first language;
      2. Completion of the applicant’s undergraduate degree at a university in which the language of instruction and examination is English; or
      3. A formal assessment by one of the following organizations to the respective indicated standard:
        1. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimum overall score of 580 with a Test of Written English component score of 5 is required for paper-based tests; an overall score of 93 with a writing/speaking component score of 22 is required for Internet-based tests.
        2. Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB). A minimum score of 85 is required.
        3.  International English Language Testing System (IELTS). A minimum score of 7.0 (Academic) is required.
        4. The Certificate of Proficiency in English (COPE). A minimum score of 76 (with at least 22 in each component and 32 in the writing component) is required.
        5. Academic Preparation Course, International ESL Program, Continuing Studies, University of Toronto. A minimum final grade of B in Level 60 is required.
    4. A three-to-five-page (single or double-spaced) Statement of Intent, which comprises an autobiographical reflection essay outlining how the applicant’s personal history and life experience informs both a potential research focus area in psychology studies and their calling to a future practice as a psychologist.
    5. Personal interview with 1 faculty member & the Academic Admissions Director. Applicants may be asked to provide a written essay after the interview. The question to be answered will be provided at the end of the interview and candidates must submit it within two hours.
    6. Three letters of recommendation from arms-length referees, two of which should be from an academic referee if the applicant is either in school or recently graduated. Can also be a professional/volunteer or someone in the field of mental health. Cannot be family, friends, or a clinician with whom the applicant has had a professional relationship. ADLER will contact your references directly.
    7. Resume
    8. Altus Casper Admissions Assessments

All applicants applying to the Master of Psychology Degree, at The ADLER Graduate Professional School are required to complete the Altus Casper Assessment for the 2022/2023 admissions cycle.

The use of the Altus Casper assessment is a complement to the admission’s documentation outlined above. Its intent is to add a further objective element to our selection process. 

Casper: 100-120 minute online, open-response situational judgment test

You will register for Casper for CSP-10201 – Canadian Professional Health Sciences

Access to create an account and for more information on important dates and requirements and to complete the Altus Casper assessments.

For applicants who do not present with a 4-year undergraduate degree with a major in Psychology, they may be granted provisional admission subject to the satisfactory completion of an Adler-designed Transitional Equivalency (TQ) program.

An applicant who presents with an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0 may be offered either full or provisional admission, subject to the approval of the Dean of Psychology. Admission may be subject to completion of the Transitional Equivalency program.

*This program is offered under the written consent of the Ontario Minister of Colleges and Universities for the period from August 8, 2017 to August 7, 2022**. Prospective students are responsible for satisfying themselves that the program and the degree will be appropriate to their needs (e.g., acceptable to potential employers, professional licensing bodies or other educational institutions). 

**The MPSY program has a submitted application for consent renewal. To ensure continuity of operations; ministerial consent for programs offered at public or private degree-granting organizations is automatically extended during the course of consent renewals.